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Home Schedules Physics I, II, III: Fall

LEGO Physics I, II, III: Fall/Winter

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Oregon Episcopal School / After School Classes Program

LEGO ® Physics I, II, III: Fall/Winter

Thursday 3:00-4:00 / Oct. - Jan. - Jane KN, Jimmy S, & Mike W


Activity Cards (Set 1031) Bonus
Week One:

Setup Of 1030 Kit: Introduction - Getting acquanted -LEGO® Technics® introduction Cards 1 (map of kit) & 2 (building tricks)
Week Two:

Candy Scales I: Work and Levers Card 4 (simple lever & letter scale)
Week Three:

Candy Scales II: Continue from last week No Cards
Week Four:

String Rollers: Friction Card 11 (roller ramp and zip slide)

No School - No Class - November Conferences

Week Five:

Zippy Cars: Inclined plane and screw No Cards (Create your own low friction car)
Week Six:

Belted Machines: Wheel and axle - Belt transmission Card 5 (belt directions)

No School - No Classes - Thanksgiving
Week Seven:

Drills & Egg Beaters: Gear direction & turning corners Cards 6 (gear directions one side) and 7 (corners, drill) [eggbeater challenge]
Week Eight:

Gear Boxes I: Multiplying force & multiplying speed Card 12 (multiplying force & speed, both sides) BIG DEMO DAY [astronaut challenge]
Week Nine:

Gear Boxes II: Continue from last week
Week Ten:

Gear Boxes III: Continue from last week

No School - No Classes - WINTER BREAK

Week Eleven:

The Waving Hand: Transmission of motion Cards 8 & 9 (flywheel and oil derrick) and 13 (up-down guy) [waving hand challenge]
Week Twelve:

Carnival Rides / Water and Wind Wheels: Centrifugal force
Card 14 (carnival), Forces of air and water - Card 17 (water wheel), Card 18 (wind wheel)
Week Thirteen:

Cranes: Pulleys Cards 15 (crane) and 16 (pulley scaffolding)
Week Fourteen:

Cars and Universal Joints Cards 3 (swings), 10 (trikes), 19 (universal joint), & 20 (car & steering)
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