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After School Classes

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Oregon Episcopal School / After School Classes Program

The after school classes actively engage participants, individually and in teams, with directed projects designed to maximize enjoyment and acquisition of skills. The classes accomodate participants starting in 3rd grade and run from October through May with, for the most part, a single 1 to 2 hour session once a week. Currently, the following classes are offered:

  • LEGO® Builders:
  • Designing LEGO®:
  • LEGO: A Little Bit of Everything:
  • LEGO® Physics I, II, III: Build and use simple machines to do the work for you!
  • Advanced LEGO® Physics/Robotics: Build and program motorized LEGO constructions and take a victory lap after passing the Rat Challenge.
  • LEGO® Logo: Create a story, design the motions and staging, and build, motorize, and program it with LEGOs®!
  • Ultimate LEGOs®/Independent Study:

For more information on registration, policies, and procedures, see the OES LEGOs® after school class page.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 April 2011 23:06